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Willie Randolf in the studio...Jacksonville, FL. The third time's a charm right?...Pics & Snippets of New Tunes will be posted sure to sign up for up for the main line at the top shelf.

For The Road

Willie Randolf: Florissippi

This flavorful blend is brewed with a rich organic combination of guitar and vocals harvested from South Mississippi consistent with the flavor of Randy Banks. Rooted in Hattiesburg, MS-Randy has truly had a chance to absorb all that the “Birthplace of America’s Music” has to offer. Studying with one of the most iconic yet virtually unknown bluesmen of all time, L.C. Ulmer Randy had the chance to explore Mississippi in depth, from Biloxi to Clarkdale, while sharing the stage with the likes of Cary Hudson, Kenny Kimbrough, King Edward, and T-Bone Pruitt.

It is at this point where the most robust of low end is applied. Such vibration and pulsation can only come from the soil of Jacksonville, Florida and is nothing short of “Reverend”. Or in this case Mike Metzger, as featured in The Mission Dolls & with Amber McSwain.

With two thirds of the mixture at room temperature the percussive friction of Northeastern Floridian Royalty is added; known and loved by all, her majesty, B.B. Queen. Bea Gayle, often called “The Pocket Master”, has toured with a variety of musicians including J.J. Grey and Mofro and often sits in with the Legendary J.C.’s.  

This cocktail of explosive ingredients and byproducts is then placed in a cool dark place to undergo the fermentation process to become what we know as Willie Randolf.